All payments are final and non-refundable. Make sure you are paying attention to what you are purchasing because your money will not be refunded under any circumstances. Whether you make a mistake or not, the money will not be refunded. There is not a reason that can be given for your money to be refunded. No refunds whatsoever, mistake or not. Do not submit your payment more than once. Leave the website and quadruple check that your payment has not been subtracted from your account. If you see that your payment has not left your bank, then come back and make your payment. If the money has left your account, your subscription will be added. Again, absolutely no refunds on any amount of money for any reason. It is up to you to be responsible and understand what you are purchasing. All money that is collected through subscriptions or donations will not be refunded for any reason and all monies can be allocated in any way that David Kirkland sees fit. He can spend the monies in any way he chooses, and you agree to these terms when you pay for a subscription or donate. David Kirkland can use ALL funds any way he sees fit.