North Jersey High School Sued for Discrimination Against White Students

North Jersey High School Sued for Discrimination Against White Students

A Mountain Lakes parent has filed a lawsuit against a local high school, claiming discrimination against his white son in a federal suit filed against the school district and district leaders.

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The parent, only identified as B.L. said since June 6, 2020 the district has created a hostile educational environment for his son and other students by "a campaign of open racial discrimination" within some of the programming.

The suit, filed June 6, said the district "forced a racial political ideology" on students, which violates students' constitutional right not to be discriminated against because of their race or skin color.

The father also claims that the district is force-feeding students an "ill-named 'anti-racist' agenda" while receiving federal funding for programming and teachers and administrators.

Mountain Lakes is a predominantly white community with about 75% of 4,472 residents identifying as white and a median income of $225,308, according to 2020 census data. Further data shows almost 1,500 students enrolled in its schools, with 641 students attending the high school.

If the lawsuit is successfully executed, this father could set a trend nationwide and maybe he’ll be the first to chip away at the racists who are running our schools.

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