MSM Lies and Claims Trump Sent Armed Men to Attack the Capitol While Intimidating Witnesses with "Mafia Style Phone Calls"

MSM Lies and Claims Trump Sent Armed Men to Attack the Capitol While Intimidating Witnesses with "Mafia Style Phone Calls"

Let’s just start here. Hugo Lowell, a straight up liar employed by the Guardian, is falsely reporting to over 100K followers on Twitter that Donald Trump is having “people close” to him call witnesses and threaten them to not testify against him in the bogus January 6th hearings. Liar Lowell is insinuating that people tied to Trump are making phone calls to witnesses saying you’ll be “loyal” to Trump in depositions. This is insinuating that Trump will have them murdered if they are not “loyal” to Trump in their depositions.

We have no reason to believe this is true considering all the lies the MSM has published about Trump in the past five years. Anyone remember all the Trump-Russia stories? The media even made up a story about Trump being urinated on by Russian prostitutes and even falsely claimed to have video of it happening.

Remember the Steel Dossier? Yes, the dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton. Clinton worked with Russians, the FBI and FusionGPS to concoct a false narrative about Trump colluding with Russian agents to steal the 2016 Presidential election. Even the FBI released a statement claiming there was sufficient evidence to support the false claims in the fraudulent dossier. Later, we find out that the whole dossier was a sham.

Egor Danchenko was charged with five counts of lying to the FBI about his sources for his claims in the fake dossier. He was later sentenced to a lengthy stent in prison for his role in the evil scheme to demonize Trump. Keep in mind, this is the man who was giving all the information to Steel so he could compile the dossier for the DNC and Clinton. The dossier wasn’t just a lie, it was actually completely false and not a single word in the dossier was true. Not a single one.

Why is this important? The media echoed this dossier for years knowing it was completely false. This is just one lie that we know about, and it was a severe lie with extreme evil intent.

Let us move on. Now the media is claiming that Trump called for men with weapons to go march on the capitol and attack the capitol with firearms to stop the Congress from certifying the election that they stole from Trump.

Common sense tells you that this is a lie. Trump never did such a thing and the committee holding the hearing never presented a single shred of evidence proving Trump directed men to attack the capitol with guns.

Lying Lowell knows this too. This is why he is very careful with his words and says, “directed armed guys to the capitol,” instead of saying that Trump wanted armed men to attack the capitol. Instead, he says Trump “directed” armed men to the capitol allowing readers to fill in the rest.