Macy Gray: “Just Because You Cut Off Your (Genitalia) That Doesn’t Make You a Woman.”

Macy Gray: “Just Because You Cut Off Your (Genitalia) That Doesn’t Make You a Woman.”

Oh boy, Macy Gray will be on the hot seat now.

On a recent talk show appearance with Piers Morgan, Macy Gray made a very sound and logical statement that will eventually put her in the crosshairs of many mentally ill liberals who make-believe that men can be women and vice versa.


Pier Morgan states "We are in an era now where people are too afraid to even define what a woman is." Macy Gray responds with: "I know!" Seem harmless enough but to liberals, this is "hate speech."

Next, Morgan asks Gray to define what a woman is. Gray responds with: "A human being with boobs, haha, let's just start there. And a vagina."

Gray goes on to say that people using different pronouns gets very confusing and she doesn't really understand it because it is a radical ideology.

Gray and Morgan agree that they both support transgender rights in America but men who think they are women shouldn't be allowed to compete against women in sports because of obvious physical differences.

The next statement by Gray is what is going to get her canceled by the mentally ill "woke mob."

Gray says: "I will say this, and everyone is going to hate me. But, as a woman, just because you go change your parts (genitalia) that doesn't make you a woman."

Even though this is sound logic supported by biological science, Macy Gray will be FORCED to apologize. She will apologize because she is too weak to stand her ground against a bunch of raging lunatics.