Lauren Boebert Calls for the Release of Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

Will we ever get the list of clients that Epstein serviced?

Lauren Boebert Calls for the Release of Jeffrey Epstein's Client List

As most of us know by now. Epstein was a serial child rapist who was recently convicted of trafficking children to elitists around the world. Epstein was eventually murdered in prison under shady conditions.

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The list of his clients has never been made available to the public for multiple reasons. I think most of us know at least one reason and what it would mean for government officials around the world.

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Epstein was video recording officials all around the world having intercourse with underage girls and boys and then using the footage to blackmail them into passing policies that would benefit his handlers in Israel. I am not anti-Israel at all, but it is just a fact that Epstein was working with the Mossad in Israel.

“It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Epstein had connections to the Mossad,” says Julie K. Brown, whose book “Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story” was released on July 20.

Now we have a representative, Lauren Boebert from Colorado, calling for the release of the list of clients that were serviced by Epstein. This is good for the movement because it will bring eyes to the cause. The media loves to hang on every word that Boebert says but they will totally ignore these words and remain silent on the issue.

Even though we probably won't ever see the actual list of clients serviced by Epstein, we do have his black book full of phone numbers that will give us most of the names that we need to know.

The contents are a list of 1971 names with contact information such as phone numbers and addresses. Several VIPs and respected individuals are found in the book.

Together with the flight manifests of his private jet, the black book is an invaluable primary source of Epstein's network available to the public.

Before Epstein was able to destroy it, his butler at his Palm Beach house provided the FBI with a scanned copy of the black book. The book was available to use for Epstein's staff at the residence.

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