Governor Abbott Deploys State Military to Border via Executive Order to Stop Illegal Immigration

Governor Abbott Deploys State Military to Border via Executive Order to Stop Illegal Immigration

'President Biden refuses to do his job and enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress,' Abbott declared

Republican Governor Abbott has issued an Executive Order sending National Guard troops along with the Department of Public Safety to deport illegal aliens.  


Governor Abbott issued the Executive Order just days after Texas County declared an invasion at the southern border. Since Joe Biden stole the Presidential election, millions of illegal aliens, criminals, and child traffickers have flooded the southern border.

Abbott sent out a Tweet condemning Biden stating that cartels have become emboldened and are taking full advantage of this illegitimate Administration's border policy. Former Vice President Biden has one of the most radical border policies in world history that will surely lead America over the cliff face first.

The order thrashes the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis, led by Kamala Harris, and allows state authorities to take apprehended illegals back to Mexican ports of entry.
“Securing the international border is the federal government’s responsibility, but President Biden has refused to enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress,” the order states.
“The cartels refer to these open-border policies as la invitación (“the invitation”), reflecting the perception that President Biden welcomes immigrants to make the dangerous trek across our southern border,” it continues. -

The EO cites the illegitimate Biden administration's attempt to destroy Title 42 which would stop authorities from arresting over 18,000 illegals a day.  Abbott also claims that Biden's failure to act on the current border crisis is an impeachable offense.

"President Biden’s failure to protect our border has necessitated action by the State of Texas to ensure public safety and to defend against violations of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

EO-GA-41 by Kelen David McBreen