Did You Know: The Only Armed Jan 6th "Protester" Inside the Capitol Was an Undercover FBI Informant?

This information is something Liz Chaney and others do not want you to know.

Did You Know: The Only Armed Jan 6th "Protester" Inside the Capitol Was an Undercover FBI Informant?

Luke Phillip Robinson (profile #343) was deleted from the FBI's Most Wanted List and disappeared out of the public eye for what seemed like forever. I am here to remind you of who he is and what he was doing on January 6th. Let's keep his name in circulation into we get answers about his motives on January 6th.

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Robinson was one of three individuals, including Ray Epps, that was later mysteriously removed from the FBI's Most Wanted list without explanation.

Notice in the picture below, that number 343 is missing but an innocent grandmother is still listed at number 342.

What reason is there for Liz Chaney and the bogus January 6th Committee to ignore this man? Why isn't any media outlet talking about Phillips?

Also on January 6, 2021, three Antifa domestic terrorists were stopped by police and lied about having a gun in their vehicle — These three Antifa terrorists who drove to Washington DC on January 6th to cause chaos and violence were released and allowed to drive back home to Michigan that day despite lying to police about a firearm in their vehicle. Antifa member Leslie Grimes was released despite lying to officers about the gun in her vehicle Trump supporter Lonnie Coffman was arrested and detained in prison for over a year for having guns in his vehicle on January 6. -The Gateway Pundit

Phillips is never mentioned by anyone in the media or the committee because he was there to try and lead an armed insurrection into the Capitol. Thankfully, no one fell for it, and he was rendered useless to the Democrats. This is why they swept him under the rug.

If he could have gotten just one person to agree to take arms inside the Capitol, he would be all over TV held up as a hero.

Ray Epps was another Federal agent on the January 6th scene trying to get people to literally attack the Capitol with weapons. He is in multiple videos trying to incite real violence. Of course, he gets to walk free because he was working with the Feds.

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