Breaking: Clandestine CIA Officer John Sipher Admits to Rigging the 2020 Election for Joe Biden

Breaking: Clandestine CIA Officer John Sipher Admits to Rigging the 2020 Election for Joe Biden
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John Sipher, a former CIA clandestine agent, admits on Twitter that he purposely labeled the Hunter Laptop scandal as Russian disinformation to "swing the election away from Trump."

"I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump. You’re welcome. Maybe cowardly Dick forgot he blocked me for the last several years and only unblocked me to give me credit for swinging the election." - John Sipher, CIA

Even when the laptop was revealed to the public back then, we knew the laptop was Hunter's and the Russians didn't have anything to do with the release of the information stored on the laptop. Hunter left three laptops in pawn shops all around the country and one laptop was given to Mayor Rudy Giuliani who eventually brought the laptop to the public eye.

Now, we have proof in their own writings, that the CIA and FBI were actively trying to discredit the laptop's contents to swing the election in Biden's favor. I am almost sure that influencing an election with tainted information is a crime and punishable with a heavy prison sentence. This criminal will never see a day inside of a prison cell because obviously he was promised some kind of immunity if he was ever caught. That's the only way he would be crazy enough to brag about his crimes on Twitter.

John Sipher is one of the CIA agents who signed the now infamous letter claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal started as part of a Russian disinformation campaign to help Donald Trump win the election in 2020. The government was coordinating on a massive scale to keep Trump from taking office again. This is very clear now.

Isn't it amazing how he is brave enough to get on Twitter and brag about rigging the election for Joe Biden and stealing the election from Donald Trump without any fear of consequences? The tweets are still up to this very day and never removed by Twitter or Sipher. You can click the tweets below to see for yourself.

If this CIA agent is bold enough to brag about his crimes and how he helped rig an election to steal it from a duly elected President, just imagine all the other kinds of fraud that happened during the 2020 Election?

Even with the CIA admitting they rigged it against him and all of the election fraud evidence, Donald Trump has been demonized for years in the mainstream media for saying that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

Looks like he was right...

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